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**If you are a blogger, or know great bloggers who are interested, send them this nc**

As everyone knows, GACHA’s are hot in SL right now. So we put our heads together and dreamed up the GATCHA GARDEN.
▶ ▷ ABOUT ◁ ◀

The garden has Monthly GACHA events and itself is themed based on season or holiday buyer preference. However items in the GACHA are at the discretion of the designer and not kept to a theme.

DATES: Setup – 4th – 6th of each month
Open – 7th of each month to the 3rd of the following month.


– Please make a blog of each session. (We help promote your blog so lets make it awesome)

**If you need to miss one let us know, Miss 2 in a row and your blogger status with us will need to be reviewed, we all understand how RL can be, if you need to come back into the group later due to RL let us know and we will keep a spot warm for your return**

– Each session please represent 5 different designers, common concern from designers is that only the big names are seen. We have quality designers even if they are not big brands yet, lets get everyone some exposure and show how our BLOGGERS are the best!

– Please make sure you post within the first week of the event, if u want to post more in the second week, thats optional, but please have your first post done within the first 7 days of opening

– Send a notice that you made a post through the group, so designers know their item is being blogged and to gain instant blogging traffic.
—- (optional) —- We would like to help promote you! To be sure we see your posting, feel free to send us a NC with your post information on it and we will help spread the word about your work!

– If you are wearing an item from this event in ur pics, pls make sure you “mention” all designers. If you`re wearing their item, please be respectful & at least mention their name 🙂
– You can add pics to our Flickr page:
*** Our Flickr Group Streams images to our website ***

If you missed items, Please check the notifications in the group and get your items there, the list goes back a ways.

We do welcome fantastic designers! If you have a designer you already work with that is awesome. Feel free to pass them our information so they can apply.


▶ ▷ CONTACT US ◁ ◀

We are very glad you want to work with us as part of the team! Feel free to send us an IM or drop us Note Cards if you need support – Add us to your Friends List

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