A fine selection of our Gatcha Garden! You can click the picture to go to the blogger page and check out who made this and who the blogger is 🙂










Sunday Park: Serenity Style

Dani from our Sunday Park 50% Cart Sale



Julianna Jonstone


Liv Zerundi

Liv Zerundi


Penelo Faith


Liv Zerundi

Nicole Juventa


From Roxi

From Roxi

by Nicole Juventa

by Nicole Juventa

by Alana

by Alana


by Kitty Moon


Martini Dreams Page

by Akito Zuta


by Veronique88 Resident


by Roxi Firanelli



by Danielle

by Namrah

by Namrah


miss diva_003

by Jadelisous

by  Punkiss

by Punkiss



32-960x960 2222-960x960 1526971_800118906671578_32404333_n Angel Blog8 GG_City Gal Endorphin-Gatcha-Garden-Buckled-Strap-Top-921x1024 LostSoul-final.jpg PicMonkey-Collage2-960x651 shoes1 shoes2 Strapped Street Life.b.






555981_10152005655548293_409972141_n 996656_10152015000828293_1855245483_n 1450696_10152007737553293_1771332988_n 1455083_10152026172498293_1266312561_n 1456553_10152016731573293_883999000_n 1456607_10152016757933293_1369629850_n 1460005_10152007737223293_278298847_n 1460234_10152001747853293_1288830876_n 1463050_10152026172533293_819500769_n 1467359_467344783382053_1928799075_n

We’re getting closer to Halloween, and we have more awesome featured bloggers for you at Pre-Release! Today we’re looking at “Punki’s Fashion Passion“! Here’s a look at some of the goodies you can find featured on her blog from the Pre-Release Gatcha Garden!

20-960x480Punki’s featuring the Zed’s Not Dead “Huggable Gatcha Monsters”! You won’t wanna miss out on those! Wanna see more? Make sure to check out Punki’s Blog, and get on down to Pre-Release!

****Update**** Oct. 9th 2013

It’s a new day at the Pre-Release Gatcha Garden, and we have another talented blogger to feature, this time we’re taking a look at the blog “Devotion of Me” and what an exciting and super spoooky journey she takes us on as she features Masoom, Firebird Designs, {ZoZ}, & Zed’s Not Dead.

gacha-garden-ghost-rareMake sure to hit the link to check out more of Devotion of Me’s Blog, and don’t forget to come and get the goodies in the Pre-Release Gatcha Garden!

***Update*** Oct. 6th 2013

We are one day closer to the opening of Pre-Release’s all NEW Gatcha Garden Event. And that means even more goodies to sink your Teeth into! v~~v

Today’s featured Blogger from our fabulous group of bloggers is Aki Wears! Aki is featuring the Bouncy Hopper Ball Rare, you have a chance of owning, by FireBird Designs! Make sure to check out Aki’s blog, and don’t miss the opening of the New Gatcha Garden Event Tomorrow!


It’s almost time for the Grand Opening of Pre-Release’s Gatcha Garden Event! From October 7th to Nov 3rd, Pre-Release will be open to all things spooky and neat for the Halloween season. Bringing you gatcha treats and themed goodies in the spooky Garden Gatcha Pumpkin Patch. And all through this event we’ll be featuring the amazing Bloggers of Pre-Release, and all the hard work they do to promote the events!

So to kick off our blogger feature we’re highlighting the blog of Jadelisous! Take the link and check out her blog for more exciting previews from Pre-Release’s Gatcha Garden!



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