Roses are Pink!

It’s a new day at Pre-Release, and we’re getting close to the end of Session 9. Just three more days until the end of the Earth Day Session, so that means you’ll have to get your shopping done while you still can. And to tempt your taste buds we’ve got our next Designer of the Day for you! Today we’re featuring Killa DesignZ with the Floral Rose mesh dress. Now, who says roses have to be red? In this case they can be pink too, and what a smexy little dress this is too. With it’s summer style back fastenings, and delicate pink ribbon front lacing! And in addition to the dress, you also get a sexy pair of high heel platform shoes to match! Can’t beat that deal!

The Floral rose dress comes in 5 Standard MESH sizes {XXS, XS, S, M, L} and as always, there’s a DEMO down at Pre-Release so you can try before you buy!



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