Start your Weekend with FireBird Designs

The weekend has crept up on us again over here at Pre-Release. Time to hang out, relax, and spend time doing things with the people ya love! Also sounds like the perfect time for a little retail therapy! And with that thought in mind, why not spend your weekend with FireBird Designs who is our Designer of the Day! This designer has brought an amazingly beautiful creation to you this session. A sultry, almost 1920’s styled Gown called Raawr! And it’s sure to have others purring, and carrying on when they see you in it! The lovely and slinky full length gown comes in 5 MESH sizes {XXS, XS, S, M, L}. It is complete with a beaded flapper styled drop necklace that hangs down from the open back. As always, there is a Demo waiting for you at Pre-Release so you can try this beautiful gown before you buy!



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