The Next 3 Themes …

Interested in knowing what’s coming up for Pre-Release in the next few months? Well, that question will be answered right now. Think of this as a teaser, an idea of what’s coming up, to get excited about!

Drum-roll please …

Session 2 – 2013 Party: Start: Jan 6th End:Jan 18th
Description: This session is going to be all about ringing in the new year! 2013 is here *almost* and it’s time to party it up! Show off those cute designs that can be worn during the parties that happen to ring in the new year. Sometimes the parties do last way into the new year *nods*.

Session 3 – Hangover Resolution: Start: Jan 20th End: Feb 1st
Description: Uh oh! Someone has a hangover. That’s not good! This session is going to be about those horrible hang overs, and the awesome resolutions one makes for the new year, but probably doesn’t follow through on.

Session 4 – Warm Hearts: Start: Feb 3rd End: Feb 15th
Description: Aw, look it’s all about love, and hearts, and junk! 😀 This session is going to be about love, or perhaps not love? Depends on the designers after all!

Well, that’s all folks, just a tiny teaser that lets people know what’s going to be coming up for the next few months. Trust the owners, this place isn’t going anywhere! There are tons of epic designers and awesome bloggers for this group. Plus it’s a fun group.


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