Introducing: Pre-Release!

So, wondering what Pre-Release is? Well, settle on down for a lesson, because there is a lot of information that is about to be presented. The following is written by the owners of Pre-Release, this will provide information about the event and how to apply to be a designer or a blogger for the bi-weekly event.

“▶ ▷ ABOUT ◁ ◀

Our sessions last for 2 full weeks and feature NEW items at a great discount.

We are THEMED but keep them very broad (we create as well and know having themes that are broad helps keep it easier on you to fit into them)

(Optional Events)
We do have mini in-shop events now and again (something fun for older products to get you some extra sales)

We do have full events outside the shop now and again (these events are open to our –>PR<– designers first before public)

▶ ▷ COST ◁ ◀

Each session vend costs 55 L each, you can choose to purchase 1 or 2 of them under your logo. (To keep things fair and fun, we assign space and rotate the spaces each session so everyone has a chance to be in the spotlight)

Ad boards around the shop – These are considered sponsor positions, it gets you extra visibility while also supporting the growth of –> PRE-RELEASE <– These cost 75 L per week and lease for 7 days at a time. (you must pay the board itself to maintain) These are only available to designers active with us. (your Linden funds advertising and land fees and the ability to create events, we are not profiting from the subscriptions)

Mini events and Large events – cost announced at time of event registration opening.”

If interested in joining as a blogger or a designer please contact one of the following people for an application or pick one up at the –>PRE-RELEASE<– Location. Applications are reviewed as soon as possible, and usually within 24 hours a response will be sent.

Liquidlight Genesis
Dalriada Delwood
Rosecullen Resident
theprerelease resident


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